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FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX
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FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX FOR U DESIGNS Fashion Galaxy Print Unisex Casual Mesh Upper Breathable Lightweight Summer Running Shoes for Women Men Galaxy-3 TVgmX
Paul E. Pierson, PhD

dean emeritus and senior professor of History of Mission and Latin Studies, Fuller Theological Studies

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Reflections and Case Studies in Local Theology for the Whole Church

by: Rose Dowsett (Editor)

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is divided into two sections: the first, Reflections and Foundations, comprises nine essays of a more general nature; the second, Contextualization at Work, contains twenty one essays of a more specific nature, most of them case studies from a particular location and people group. The thirty-three contributors come from five continents, and a host of contexts. Some are veterans, some quite young, but every one of them is passionate about God’s mission, and about building bridges for the gospel in a way that is absolutely faithful to Scripture but also sensitive to specific contexts. North and South, East and West, demonstrate precious unity in Christ in our common calling. Contextualization is complex, and none of the authors claim to have got everything right. But their essays are thoughtful, and written out of love for God and love for his world. They tell the stories of trial and error, of struggles and triumphs, as each seeks to present Christ in terms that make sense and can be understood. It is following the process, quite as much as specific conclusions, which make this book valuable and transferable to many other parts of the global church. The essays also give us a peep into many different societies, and the birthing of faith in the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thus we give thanks to God for all that he is wonderfully doing around his world and stimulate our prayers for those who work cross-culturally, especially in pioneer situations. Not all contributors agree on every point, especially when it comes to the difficulties of mission in the Muslim world (and increasingly, amongst Hindus). There has been no attempt to standardize different approaches, letting a robust conversation develop. Each chapter ends with some suggested study questions, useful for personal reflection or group or class discussion. The book is deliberately accessible to lay people, but stimulating to career missionaries and academics. We pray that it may serve the purposes of God, for his glory.

This book was published in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance.

Enjoy a colorful tapestry of contextualization theory and theological critique together with powerful real-life stories from many lands. Biblical contextualization--the Word to the world--is the core of this book. This is a book for everyone who is concerned about how to bring the Word to every culture and tongue faithfully, creatively, and relevantly.

Patrick Fung

General Director, OMF International, Singapore

Congratulations and thanks are due to Rosemary Dowsett and those who brought together this remarkable cast of contributors. This is a wonderfully comprehensive survey of how the seed of the eternal gospel takes root in all kinds of historical and cultural soils, bearing good fruit in the power of God's Spirit and for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book is truly global in its scope but local in its focus, and thoroughly biblical and theological in its foundations.

Fall Festival at Jowler Creek
Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Jowler Creek Winery

Cooler weather, leaves of gold, and the spicy scent of cider warming by the fire -- Autumn is in the air! So come out to Jowler Creek Winery for our traditional Fall Festival. We’re staying open late so you can enjoy fun fall games, a bonfire, mulled wine, popcorn bar, and for the brave hearted we'll have a spooky story-telling of The Headless Horseman! Cost to attend is FREE.

No reservations are required to join the fun...just come on out! No outside food or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) allowed!

Carrollton's Wine and Beer Walkabout
Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Uptown Square in Carrollton, MO --Main and Benton Street

The Carrollton Area Economic Alliance is excited to announce our newest event, Carrollton's Wine and Beer Walkabout. Purchase a wine glass for $20 and walkabout the uptown square to sample wine and beer from various Missouri Wineries and Breweries. The local shops on the square will be open for you to enjoy leisurely shopping. We will also have food vendors and live music for your entertainment.

Saturday, October 8, 2016--Tastings 5pm-9pm and Live Music 5pm-10pm. Don't miss out on this enjoyable evening!

Event URL:

Tipple Hill Winery Vineyard- Music
Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Tipple Hill Winery Vineyard

Playing Blue Collar Country.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Blumenhof Winery

Bag Lunch Blues Band (Juke Joint Jumpin' Blues) will perform at Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow, MO on Sunday, October 9 from 2-5pm.

7C's Mead Fest
Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
7C's Winery

Join us Sunday afternoon for October Fest -- 2 to 6 pm

There will be fun and games for all ages.

Stick Horse Races

Boot Toss

Kids Hay Find

Live music by Tripleshot

We are Family Friendly so bring the gang to enjoy the day.

Cheeses, sausages, and crackers are available to enjoy with a bottle of our wine on the porch overlooking the countryside.

PLEASE, don't bring outside alcohol! Cocoa, the chocolate lab, frowns on it.

Unlike speed and equalization, the physical interaction between the stylus and disc means you cannot change anything about the choice later. For this reason George Blood has chosen to deliver 4 different stylus sizes. There are many positive outcomes from this decision. The casual listener can explore the differences and learn. Since the different sizes are captured at the same time with matching signal chains, it becomes possible to edit between the different stylus sizes, choosing the best for each moment in the performance. In this case best may be lower distortion on instrument X, different sound due to inconsistent pressing or wear, lower noise or better noise reduction possible with different sizes, and so on. The feature of multiple stylus sizes captured is unique to the Internet Archive’s Great 78 Project!

For the selection of stylus, the digitization engineer checks the label against a table of known or generally agreed stylus size. This size is placed in one tonearm and auditioned. A few (how many is at the discretion of the engineer) different sizes are auditioned to find the one that “sounds best”. Three other sizes are in the three other tonearms.

For equalization, the engineer again checks the label against a table of known or generally agreed settings, listens to the stylus size s/he preferred for any tweak they judge to make it sound better, and document the playback equalization choice.While it is possible to un-EQ a sound file, George Blood also delivers the files with no EQ. These generally sound terrible. Not surprisingly because discs were never meant to be heard that way. However, it does allow easy re-EQ by the user in the future.

This means George Blood delivers both groove walls of 4 different stylus sizes with and without EQ for a total of 16 channels of audio. The most comprehensive presentation of 78rpm discs ever!

Transforming these recordings into meaningful components of the World Wide Web has started by enhancing the metadata, linking from these recordings to other resources, and linking from other resources to these recordings.

Metadata has been augmented by librarians and volunteers in a project coordinated by the Internet Archive. People start by writing information into the reviews of the 78’s on including where they got the information, for instance from Bandolino Loocho Women US 55 White Thong Sandal kD2bW0P
Worldcat, , or . From there, administrators promote the information into the descriptions or fields, such as genre and release date, and then often promote the volunteers to do it themselves. The Internet Archive has written code to mine recording dates from sites such as . Please help in this effort.

Linking from these recordings to other resources has already started using acoustic techniques, for instance to link to MusicBrainz’s acoustID system, and also volunteers hand matching to Billboard Magazine articles that came out when the discs were released, to subject specific resources such as Hillbilly music. Links to Wikipedia pages for performers and recordings, and links into digitized books on the web. We see this collection growing to be a resource that brings researchers to the breadth of information about the era and customs.

The comments section is closed. To submit a letter to the editor for publication, write to .


Many people try to argue against Wikipedia by pointing out that many academic institutions ban their students from citing Wikipedia as a source when writing papers. These people forget that using encyclopedias in general as a research source has always been discouraged by academics. Encyclopedias are often out of date from the day they are published and because they provide general summaries on complex and (at times) controversial topics, they often provide inaccurate or incomplete information. The main difference between Britannica and Wikipedia is that correcting a mistake in a Wikipedia article can be instant, as long as you can follow Wikipedia’s stringent guidelines for adding and editing content. Many experts and academics become avid Wikipedia contributors for the sheer joy of being able to share the vast knowledge they have acquired throughout their careers. In a world where knowledge is readily available and shared, our resources are better spent improving the quality of the freely available information, not clinging to expensive environmentally unfriendly forms of communication.

I have no problem with your owning of the book, and respect the right to the personal library. I also envy those who have the notes in their books--mine always ended up looking like a bunch of garbage, try as i would to mark them. To this day I always have "annotation envy." I also don't feel that your love of the book is in the same league as some of these people who are crying over the Britannica. Yours seems a lot more genuine. Not to be rude, and I am just asking out of curiosity, but which texts aren't easily available on the web. My interests are literary so Project Gutenberg has the standard canon (even if in poor translations), and the GA library system is state-wide and I can always seem to find most texts somewhere. If I can't find one, I buy for cheap off Amazon and then donate. I just prefer having less and feel that my life richer when I am lighter. I think that I was also just a little vexed at what I perceived to be snobbery over the Britannica at the expense of wikipedia. I remember my initial shock when I learned that they were no longer publishing the Great Books of the Western World, until I realized that 1) the ideas, authors, and literature transcend any book set, 2) that the format was almost unreadable and I know of very few educated people who could get through the entire set in their form, 3) I can still read the same authors (and listen to them) without any one set. The same might be said for the knowledge in Britannica.

As I read all of the wistful pining for the Britannica, and the critiques of wikipedia, I think back to what my high school teachers and college professors would tell us back in the mid 1980s and early 1990s. For writing papers, don't use encyclopedias. Another point--although eloquently written, and beautiful on a shelf did (or could) the Britannica really go that in-depth? Essentially 90% or most was simply facts, which are not much different than the wikip. Divergent points of view, extensive peer reviewed journals on arcane topics, the mathematical proof etc. never made the cut, and with the the hypertext format of wikip, these benchmarks of academic rigor are now more possible. At one time I shared this attachment to owning the printed book (I'd gush at Penguin classics, and owned a set of the EB's sibling the Great Books of the Western World), and had at least 2000 books in my personal library. But two years ago I donated 99.9% of them to a new library in Ghana. Now I own about 20 books, use the library, but somehow still manage to read over 100 books a year ( currently reading William Gaddis). I read online or borrow books from the GA state library system. My laptop is a better library than most university libraries just 20 years ago. Let the clutter go and save a tree. Final thought: was it really the books themselves that we all loved, or the fact that we could display them to others and feel smarter because they crowded our shelves?

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